The Sketchbook Project

UPDATE – My sketchbook has been catalogued and digitized at the Brooklyn Art Library. For more information, see my note 400.18-04 from Jan.22.2021.

Years ago, my dear friend Stef introduced me to The Sketchbook Project. Basically, you order a sketchbook, fill it, and send it back to live at the Brooklyn Art Library, where it can be checked out in person or online (if you choose to have the sketchbook digitized). Some lucky sketchbooks even get to go on tours and exhibits! Stef encouraged me to participate in The Sketchbook Project, but I was hesitant. The thought of my work being part of an “official” library/exhibition of art was intimidating. Only up until very recently has my art been primarily a more personal, private endeavor.

In November of 2019, 2020 was fast approaching – a new year, a new decade, a perfect year (so I thought) to embark on a renewed commitment to further my artistic ambitions. So… I signed up to be an “Official Sketchbook Artist of the Brooklyn Art Library”. After the sketchbook arrived, it sat on my desk – intimidating me with its blankness. After a couple of days, I took a breath and put pencil to paper.

Fast forward nine months, today I dropped off my sketchbook at the post office and it is making its way to the Brooklyn Art Library. Once it is digitized at the library, it will be available for you to check out online. If you are lucky enough to travel to the Brooklyn Art Library, my sketchbook will be there for you to check out in person, that is, if it is not on tour.