Ode to Pears

Trio of Pears, watercolor portrait

A few weeks ago, my son approached me about a project for his Digital Photography class. He had been assigned to recreate a painting through the medium of digital photography, by replicating the subject matter, lighting, etc. He chose a Still Life with Skull by Paul Cézanne. This painting consisted of the aforementioned skull, a plant, 6 pears, and what appears to be a single lemon. I was tasked to buy the pears, since that was the only thing we didn’t have on hand. (In case, you are wondering why we already had a skull… I made a skull in my Ceramics class in college and have kept it all these years.). I don’t usually buy pears as I am allergic to them so now that we had them on hand, I took advantage of the opportunity and used them as subjects for a small series of watercolor portraits. Turns out I r-e-a-l-l-y enjoy painting them. Looks like I will be buying more pears in the future.

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