Meditations through drawing can come in different forms. Some meditations focus on the form or color of the subject, while other meditations focus on the actual motion/action of drawing. These linescapes are meditations on drawing lines. From start to finish, each line is drawn freehand in one continuous motion.

The individual lines of each linescape form a tapestry, defining light and shadow through the tightness of the weave. Some of the linescapes, such as Snowy Night and Moonrise, challenge the traditional representations of positive and negative space. Instead of defining the background, the blank areas of paper define the positive space (the subject) – the snow, the moon. Instead of defining the subject, the lines define the negative space (the background) – the sky.

All of the linescapes were drawn with Sakura Pigma Micron pens in sizes ranging from 005 (0.20mm) to 05 (0.45mm)

Snowy Night. Linescape. Ink Illustration on Paper

Snowy Night
ink on bristol paper (14"x11") • jun 2014

Moonrise. Linescapes. Ink Illustration

ink on bristol paper (14"x11") • jun 2014

Forest. Linescape. ink illustration

ink on bristol paper (14"x11") • sep 2014


ink on bristol paper (14″x11″) • 2014


Snow Forest
ink on bristol paper (“14″x17”) • nov 2014