Hello world!

Morning in Santa Cruz

For many years, making art was often a guilt-ridden endeavour – distracted with thoughts of what I really should be doing instead… writing code for work? cleaning the house? – because those just seemed so much more time critical, practical, or important. Well, my life has changed through the years, and with that, my perspective. I have learned to take the time to stop, see, breathe and just – be – without any guilt or expectations. Drawing, painting, making – these are my moments of meditation.

After 20+ years of designing and coding applications and websites for others, I have finally orchestrated a website for myself and my art. At the moment, my website includes two collections of some of my favorite illustrations – Down to Earth and Used. I am in the process of scanning, photographing, and archiving more artwork and actively working on new projects – all of which I will add to the website. So stay tuned…

Making art is finally taking center stage in my life and on my new website. I hope you enjoy the view.

A very special thank you to family and friends for your love + support, and the many kind words in response to my artwork posted on social media. To my fellow artists, thank you for inspiring me with your creativity, your generosity in sharing your craft, and for showing me that making art doesn’t have to be just a “hobby”.